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- Job Search Video Role Plays to practice the 3 most important conversations in any job search so you can be wildly successful
- Cover Letters to write an attention-getting cover letter
- 12 Good Email Practices For Communication to impress employers with your professionalism and make them want to speak with you
- 5 Tips for Getting an Interview Next Week to get a lot more interviews, fast
- 10 Deadly Resume Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs to clean up and power up your resume
- Training Resources for MORE Free Job Search Help


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- Job Interview Prep Kit – Download this free, 20-page guide to preparing for the best job interview of your life
- Cover Letter Report With Samples – Download this free guide to cover letters, along with samples of impressive, compelling cover letters
- Free Webinar: Fastest Way To Find a Job – Sign up to attend this FREE training webinar to learn simple but powerful secrets to a fast, aggressive, wildly successful job search
- Free Webinar: How To Answer Interview Questions – Sign up to attend this FREE training webinar to learn how to ‘sell yourself’ so well in the interview that they can’t wait to offer you the job
- Notification of our next FREE Webinar: Resume Review – Be the first to know about our next FREE Webinar, Resume Review.  Watch a resume expert review actual job seeker resumes and learn THE most powerful secrets to writing a strong, impressive, interview-getting resume



The webinars on Career Confidential.com have truly been amazing. I’ve learned more in the last several weeks than I ever thought possible. With Peggy’s assistance, I revamped my resume and received an invitation for a telephone interview less than 48 hours later. Peggy’s interview questions thoroughly prepared me for the interview and it was smooth sailing. After speaking with the recruiter, I asked to be moved to the next phase of the interview process which she gladly agreed. Within a week, I had a telephone interview with the hiring manager! We conversed for almost 2 hours and I ended the call by asking for a face to face interview! I was flown out to the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters within 3 weeks for 6 one on one interviews. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked a number of the questions on this website! I felt well prepared and much more relaxed than I ever thought possible. Lastly, I wowed the HM with my 30-60-90 plan! He wanted to take credit for it (but we know the truth. I am awaiting a decision and I believe it will be favorable. If not for this position, then for another within the company. The products on this website are phenomenal and I recommend them to everyone. They truly work. I will give my praise report in the future. Best of Luck in your job quest!!!

Debra quoteright

quoteleftI wanted to let you know that I accepted a great job offer in Colorado for the salary I wanted. When I was in the interview (three sets of two people), at the end of the first group I presented my 30-60-90 day plan and when I asked what a successful person looked like in this position they said “Someone with a 30 day plan!”. The second group included the decision maker. She asked me how I would approach the job after starting. I said “I have a written 30-60-90 day plan…” They were blown away, they had never seen that before. I actually had three different interviews that week and none of them had a 30-60-90 day plan presented before and all three called me back and I got the offer from the one I wanted. I didn’t even have the second interview at the other two. Thank you for all of your help. You are well worth the small investment.

Jodi Riggins quoteright

quoteleftHi Peggy…
I just wanted to thank you. You’re a valuable resource to anyone and everyone who is in the midst of a job search. I found you through “The Ladders” last November when I was downsized due to funding from my job. I was devastated, as I had never – in 40 years of employment – been without a job.
I worked at my mission. I put time in every day until I moved at least one thing forward – be it a conversation with a recruiter, an HR department, a phone interview….etc. I listened to your Webinars, I redid my resume with your suggestions, I got interviews and I kept positive. There are jobs out there – it’s a matter of what is right for you and also….timing. I landed a fabulous job last week – through a recruiter. I’m so thrilled. I’m 60 years old and I defy anyone to say that age is a problem. Not so. This was the third offer I received in the space of 5 months. I believe the process can happen if you work at it and do the search the right way. I “gutwrenchingly” turned down two other offers. They just weren’t for me….if I’m going to work for another 5-7 years – it’s going to be at something that I love.
So, thank you for your tips, ideas and suggestions. I’ve told people about your webinars and I’m hoping that they take advantage of your service. I can’t wait for my new job to begin. I can’t wait to go out to work in the morning, call on clients, and feel like I’ve accomplished something during the day. Off with the sweatpants and on to blow drying my hair in the morning!!
Best Regards,

Nancy Dickey quoteright

I am retiring from the military in two months. My first interview was not good, but in my post interview review I found you. Your system is a great one – I nailed all of the subsequent phone interviews and my face to face interview. The result is I landed my dream job against some stiff competition. The brag book was a game changer and when I brought out the
30-60-90 day plan I could sense the deal was sealed. Thanks!

I would like to cancel my TAC membership. I have thoroughly enjoyed the information and have put it to good use! I have told all my peers about you!

Cheers, TL

quoteleftI had extraordinary success with the 30-60-90 plan! I used it for a marketing assistant role with a small company. The HR manager told me it “Vaulted” me over the top, showed initiative and an understanding of the role –all the things Peggy said it would. Not only did they offer me the job, they offered me a *higher* salary than was advertised for the position! But not only that, I’m starting my new job with a plan of action that will help guide me in the days to come. The plan paid for itself many times over and you can bet I’ll use it for every job interview I have in the future! Thank you, Peggy, for putting together something so unique and valuable to help people in this tough job market.

Mione quoteright

quoteleftThank you for such a quick response.

What I found very useful is focusing on the ‘why’ they are asking ‘that’ question and the reasons and examples you have given, helped to keep me focused on answering the question in a manner that was precise and professional.

Also, I had my 30/60/90 review report with me but I was not given an opportunity to use it. Saying this, I still used the strategy in both my home telephone interview and the second telephone interview which was held at their office, here I was interviewed on a telephone while they used a telephone from another room to hear how I spoke on the phone.

I hope this helps and keep up the good work.

C Frost quoteright

quoteleftHi Peggy
Thanks for the valuable information in the Extreme Makeover Kit. My resume looks more clear and tells in powerful language exactly what the hiring manager needs to know. The proof is I applied 3 times this week and got 3 invitations for an interview.
Kind regards

Els quoteright

quoteleftI am in the process of a job transition and decided to invest in the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit. I found the material extremely well presented, systematic, thorough, practical and above all polished. Because the material is both auditory and visual, I found it very easy to relate to and learn from. The support and customer service offered by both Peggy and her staff is impressive and is indicative of her passion to offer real value and service to those who are job seeking. Peggy answered my specific questions about my resume over the phone and went above and beyond by helping me shape my story so that my skills and experience are showcased as effectively possible. I highly recommend this program and I look forward to where this job search process will take me now that I am feeling equipped and empowered to approach it effectively. Thank you Peggy!

Pam, Houston quoteright

quoteleftDear Peggy,
Thank you for all your help with job searching techniques. It helped me reflect on my past mistakes in applying for positions, assess the causes and develop a new approach.
I think I have enough information to what I intended and needed to know for that purpose and again your information and coaching had been invaluable.
Kind Regards,

Wehbe quoteright

quoteleftYour tips really work. Thank you very much. I had a successful interview and was offered the job. More power to you, Peggy.

Chris quoteright

quoteleftHi Peggy,
I wanted to thank you for your expert advice and job search information. I have been in government for 18 years and had lost my job. With the information that I have received from you, I have landed a job at Price Waterhouse Cooper. I start in a week.
I appreciate the lessons I had learned from all your podcasts and emails at a very difficult time in my life.
With much appreciation–

Diane F. quoteright

quoteleftThank you! I could not have done it without your help. I felt like I had something in my back pocket and someone to guide me when I didn’t trust anyone else. Your tools gave me the confidence I needed when the job search began feeling helpless.

Clarissa Orth quoteright

quoteleftDear Peggy,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your wonderful advice about job hunting and interviewing. I followed your suggestions and of course it worked!
I landed my dream job and I am very, very happy!
I was a postdoctoral fellow in Oncology with MD PhD degrees and now I will start as a Regional Medical Liaison in Oncology.
The search took 6 months. I had a resume professionally done and I had one series of phone/face-to-face interviews in March (before knowing about you) and another one in May, after discovering you. My preparation for the phone and face-to-face interviews was completely different this second time around. And the result was positive! I can’t describe the face of the hiring manager when I produced my 3.5 pages 30/60/90 day plan!!!!
Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work!
Best regards,

Emilia quoteright


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